This is a bit of an emotional post for me and has taken me quite a while to post, but I feel I would like to share this story and photos with you all. Robert is my younger brother by nearly 10 years, and Rirhandzu is his lovely girlfriend of just over a year. Earlier on this year Rob was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma which of course devastated our family and of course with him being so young was a complete shock. I wanted to take these photos of the two of them before Rob started his chemo and to show how in love the two of them are. Ri has stood by Rob through thick and thin and is just an amazing partner to him and we are blessed to have her as part of our family. Through all of the pain and sadness, Rob has managed to retain his witty sense of humour and keep us laughing and has been very brave and strong through it all. The good news is that his halfway scan showed positive improvement and we know he will fully recover and as a family are all supporting him. So many of us are affected by illness and to see a loved one go through this is devastating but with saying that we all just need to focus on the journey to recovery and be positive. I hope you all enjoy these images of my little bro, who I am SO very proud of and love to the ends of the earth!!

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