A Love like no other, a new little life bringing so much joy into your lives. Lifestyle documentary photos of your precious little human.

Baby Charles {Newborn}

I got to capture this precious little newborn life, the handsome baby Charles when he was just 6 weeks old.


Baby Hudson {Newborn}

Hudson you are so special and loved and I can’t wait to watch you grow into an even more gorgeous little man.


Baby Elizabeth Grace {Newborn}

After photographing this sweet little ladies arrival into the world, it was a privilege to photograph her a few weeks later at home


Baby Bailey {Newborn}

I never get tired of photographing these little miracles as they come into couples lives and bring so much joy and happiness to them.


Baby Elle {Newborn}

Beautiful little Elle, was the star of the show when I photographed her with parents Kim & Mark in their gorgeous home in Cape Town


Baby Isla {Newborn}

Baby Isla is the sweetest little girl, who is just adored by her loving parents.


Baby Christian {Newborn}

Baby Christian at 6 weeks old is already so incredibly loved by his parents and was just adorable to photograph.


Baby Liam {Newborn}

Little baby Liam made his way into the world a few months ago and joined his already awesome family


Baby Gabriel {Newborn}

Doting mom and dad can’t get enough of this gorgeous little man and rightfully so.


Baby Rocco {Newborn}

Little Rocco was such a star to photograph, that special bond between his adoring parents so evident in the photos

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