Hilde & Jakoos {Couple}

Hilde & Jakoos, what a beautiful love story! Both Hilde & Jakoos grew up in the farming town of Patensie, in the Eastern Cape and grew up as best friends from a young age.

Tove & Davey {Couple}

Tove & Davey celebrated their recent engagement with a photo shoot on Kogel Bay beach along with their beloved furbaby, Shadow.

Lauren & David {Couple}

I photographed Lauren & David near the Waterfront and ended along the Seapoint promenade, both places being special to Lauren & David

Robert & Rirhandzu {Couple}

This is a bit of an emotional post for me and has taken me quite a while to post, but I feel I would like to share this story and photos with you all

Kelly & Shaun {Couple}

Kelly has met her amazing match in Shaun, the two of them so clearly adore one another and I had the best time photographing their engagement session.