Birth Stories

Raw, emotional and real moments capturing the epic miracle of birth in a documentary fashion. Cheryl McEwan is part of the Winelands Birth Photography Association and currently only photographs C - Section births

Baby Madison {Birth}

Beautiful little Madison came into the world and crept right into her beautiful parents, Candi & Chris’s hearts at first sight.


Baby Alexa {Birth}

I recently photographed the beautiful little Alexa being born via C-section, my first birth and what an amazing experience!


Baby Hudson {Birth}

I was so very honoured to be able to shoot these raw and emotional moments of this special birth


Baby Elizabeth {Birth}

Beautiful little Elizabeth Grace announced her arrival into the world with a very healthy pair of lungs!


Baby Alexa {Birth}

Riette & Mark welcomed little baby girl Alexa into their family and I captured her beautiful C-section birth.


Baby Amadeus {Birth}

I photographed little Amadeus being born and the expressions on Mom, Maryke and Dad, Bert-Jan’s faces was just one of pure joy and so much love.

Cape Town Photographer Cheryl McEwan

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